Carbon & Laktat: Endlich wieder schwimmen!

Carbon & Laktat mit Frank Wechsel und Simon MüllerFrank Wechsel |

Die 75. Episode von Carbon & Laktat ist eine ganz besondere: Zum ersten Mal nach drei Monaten sitzen sich Frank Wechsel und Simon Müller wieder gegenüber – und talken über Schwimmtraining, die vielleicht leichteste Hawaii-Quali und mit Jan Raphael über Triathlon trotz Corona.

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Sisters doing it for themselves and for each other

British triathlete, Claire Danson, suffered horrific injuries in an accident in late 2019, leaving her wheelchair bound. Her older sister, Alex Danson-Bennett, is a two-time Olympian that recently retired from elite sports after recovering from a traumatic brain injury. The two women talk to Lawrence West about their respective recovery journeys and how they’re leaning […]

Claudia Beristain maintains team motivation during lockdown with virtual triathlons

Claudia Beristain, a triathlete since 1987, an ITU accredited coach on the ASICS World Triathlon Development Team and renowned age-group coach to her own team based in Mexico City. In addition to her role on the ASICS World Triathlon Development Team and her own coaching business, Claudia continues to establish pathway opportunities for women in triathlon, to progress and build confidence through skill-based initiatives before integrating them into mixed training programs.
“I have been a triathlete since 1987. I was swimming competitively for some years but was actually a pretty good runner. When I switched from swimming to running, I became injured and the doctor spoke to me about triathlon. I fell in love with the sport. Since then I have raced as an elite athlete, I have coached children, youth, juniors, elite and age group and I am now involved with the ITU Coach Education program and with my own federation Coach Education program. It has been so rewarding and so much fun,” Claudia said.

While Mexico City has been in lockdown due to the pandemic, Claudia has maintained regular communication with her team of athletes by hosting virtual-triathlons, training sessions and coaching advice via Zoom online meet-ups. At the start of each online session Claudia introduces the specific session and race they’re aiming for, the coach then shares her screen with the team and replays a race on-demand from This sets up the athletes with a warm-up, building block and then doing exercises specifically to replicate the pace of the swim, bike and run in race mode. Technical strategy is also applied depending on the course that is being played out. Claudia calls these sessions “mini-triathlons” and has been hosting three sessions, of this kind, per week during lockdown.

During the session which Claudia invited World Triathlon to join, a Triathlon Mixed Relay race was replayed, while the triathletes followed and adapted each exercise to suit the relevant discipline and course, practicing transition between each mode. Each training activity was easily adapted to suit the skill and fitness level of each within the squad. “In every exercise we have a different intensity. For example the push-ups can be simple push-ups, commando push-ups or push-ups with the keens on the ground. The first set is easy as a warmup. The second set is the intensity of an Olympic distance, long-distance. The third and fourth set is done with the athletes of a mixed relay event so if they attacked in the bike or come out of a turn or go up-hill we need to work harder. I share my screen so they actually see the race and we comment on technique, skills or race strategy,” Coach Claudia said.


“My husband and I, we work together, organised Zwift rides and has different challenges each week. On Saturday we have a pair competition to more or less get everyone on a similar level so even the people on the team who aren’t very strong also get to win,” said Claudia.

Prior to the pandemic the team would normally meet and ride weekly with each other and do individual sessions in their own gym set-up. Despite not being able to train outside, the athletes on Claudia’s team have stayed motivated during the lockdown period with the online sessions, support and meet-ups.


Mind2Motion team photo_development

“Our team is called mind2motion, we thought of this idea thinking that sports not only work with your body but your mind should be involved too. Our team is made from really excellent people, most of them keep juggling sports, work, family or friends. All the members are very supportive for each other so we have a great team environment. I am very proud of all the people I work with. We have fun, we do sports and enjoy our friends.”

Introducing TriRig 3.0

We are about to hit TriRig’s 10-year anniversary. On July 1st, TriRig will be 10 years old! At (almost) the same time, we are launching our third major website platform, last updated seven years ago with version 2. Today, we are proud to announce vers…

Die Sucht nach Kontrolle: Essstörungen im Triathlon

Anna Bruder |

Eine gesunde Ernährung und ein athletischer Körper sind für Topleistungen im Sport unabdingbar. Doch was ist, wenn das Essverhalten zwanghaft wird? Essstörungen sind ein Tabuthema und kommen dennoch immer häufiger vor. Der Entstehungsprozess ist oft schleichend, die gesundheitlichen Folgen dramatisch.

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Absage unausweichlich: “The Championship” und Multisport-WM erst wieder nächstes Jahr

Marvin Weber |

Die Multisport-WM der ITU in Almere wird infolge der Corona-Pandemie in das Jahr 2021 geschoben, während “The Chamipionship” in Šamorín für 2020 ganz abgesagt wurde – zumindest für Agegrouper.

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Inkl. Slots für die 70.3-WM in Taupo: Ironman kündigt virtuelle Meisterschafts-Serie an

Screenshot der virtuellen Cycling-Plattform RouvyRouvy

Bisher wurden die virtuellen Rennen von Ironman als Einzelevents ausgetragen, ab Juni geht das Format in Serie – mit neuen Maßnahmen für mehr Fairness und der Möglichkeit, sich für die verschobene Ironman-70.3-WM zu qualifizieren.

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Interview in der triathlon 180: Jan Frodeno: Mit Neugier zur letzten Nuance

Nik Howe

Statt des Feinschliffs für den ersten großen Wettkampf des Jahres hat Jan Frodeno während der spanischen Quarantäne eher Vorschulmathematik im Kopf. Wie der dreifache Hawaii-Champion in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie die Motivation aufrechterhält, warum die Neugier nach der letzten Nuance ihn weiterhin antreibt und weshalb er mit Begriffen wie Legende oder Stolz mehr als spärlich umgeht, erklärt der 38-Jährige im Interview.

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A Double Deca Dose of Crazy

We think that any sort of triathlon is a pretty impressive achievement, but in the triathlon world, an iron-distance is the ultimate goal for many athletes. Surely there is no harder physical challenge than a 3.8 kilometre swim, 180 kilometre ride and 42.2 kilometre run, right? Actually there is. Twenty times harder, to be precise. […]

“Unüberwindbare Differenzen” : Orga-Team des Ostseeman und Rennleiter Reinhard Husen gehen getrennte Wege


Das Kern-Organisationsteam des Ostseeman, das viele Jahre zusammen mit Rennleiter Reinhard Husen die Veranstaltung in Glücksburg auf die Beine gestellt hat, beendet sein Engagement rund um den Wettkampf. Grund seien vor allem “unüberwindbare Differenzen” bei Entscheidungen der vergangenen Wochen.

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Klarer Favorit im Terminkalender: Hawaii-Qualifikanten setzen vor allem auf Oktober 2021


Zum Ironman im Februar 2021 nach Hawaii? In unserer Umfrage hat sich gezeigt, dass für viele der qualifizierten Agegrouper der Ausweichtermin der WM 2020 keine Option ist. Auf begründen die Athleten ihre Entscheidung.

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IMVR7 – The Wonderland Of Racing

Witsup would like to issue a formal apology for the greatness in the lateness of the race wrap up from IMVR 7 which took place over a week ago. But in fairness, we are still trying to figure out what happened. Nikki Bartlett, Laura Phillip, Sarah Piampiano, Mel McQuaid and The White Rabbit all lined […]

Healthcare Hero – Leah Homberger

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank the incredible Healthcare Heroes in our community. Who are these triathletes by day, and superheroes by night (but also by day – that just doesn’t roll off the tongue as well). Meet Leah Homberger, a labour and delivery nurse, who was originally a swimmer, but like most, […]

Witsup Weekly Grind

We welcome Helen Murray from the Inside Tri Show this week, and unpack our Podcast series – The Healthy Body. Also; * Triathlon news * What happens in iso stays in iso * Fav thing this week Listen to The Healthy Body Podcast mini-series The Healthy Body Podcast episode 1 The Healthy Body Podcast episode […]

Sicherheit geht vor: Tipps für das Schwimmen in kalten Gewässern

Isaak Papadopoulos

Der Sommer steht vor der Tür, es wird wärmer draußen und du hast einen See in der Nähe, in dem du die Open-Water Saison eröffnet möchtest? Aber das Wasser ist noch kalt und du hast vielleicht Respekt oder auch etwas Angst, aber du möchtest gern unbedingt schwimmen gehen? Wir kennen das Gefühl nur zu gut und wollen dir in diesem Beitrag ein paar Tipps zum Schwimmen in kalten Gewässern an die Hand geben.

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